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Meltin’ Pot AW13 Preview, Firenze 

Although during Pitti all the attentions are mainly focused on the Fortezza itself, the truth is Firenze becomes stage for numerous parties, cocktails, showrooms and previews. After the fair closes its doors, there’s still a lot of activity going on scattered throughout the city center that’s worth taking a closer look: that was just the case with the Meltin’ Pot showroom…

Set in a unique “Wild Wild West meets underground punk gothic” scenario, Meltin’ Pot presented its AW13 collection resorting to a healthy dose of revivalism, through creative director Leopoldo Durante’s re-editions of some of the most renowned models. Inspired by over 19 years of historical archives, the result is a mind blowing array of options focused on details, fit and versatility - fully reversible two colorway versions, pipe stitching, special washes and finishings, unique fabrics, the works. See the wooly pants on the bottom pic? They’re actually made from heavily brushed denim giving it that soft texture and feel: brilliant…

To top it off (pun intended), beautiful earthy toned knits with plays on texture and a selection of jackets ranging from fitted wool peacoats to lightweight waterproof technical parkas. 

Meltin’ Pot is my favorite brand of jeans. Best fabric ever!

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